HDCP Error Detected - How to fix it?

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HDCP Error Detected - How to fix it?

Сообщение ronanhugo529 » 11 сен 2021, 13:58

* For copyright considerations, Roku devices employ the HDCP standard.
* On Roku devices, an HDCP error may appear from time to time. It's not tough to troubleshoot, and we'll teach you how.
* If you're a Roku enthusiast, check out our dedicated Roku area.
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HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) is a copy and content protection standard used in the film and television industries to prevent unlawful material distribution.

The HDCP protocol is used by Roku receivers for the same reason. Errors do happen with electrical equipment, as they do with anything else.

The HDCP Error Detected notice, commonly known as error code 020, can be seen on Roku. In the background, a purple screen could emerge.

What can I do about the HDCP Error Detected problem?

Use the on-screen procedures to troubleshoot.

In addition to following these instructions, several customers reported that they were able to resolve the problem by waiting a few minutes before reconnecting the cords to each device.

Also, if you see a purple screen while streaming 4K Ultra HD material, check sure your TV or AVR supports HDCP and that your HDMI connection (if you're using one) isn't defective.

Alternative options

* Your TV's HDMI input should be changed.
* Use a different HDMI cable (or one that is shorter).
* If you're using an HDMI switch or an AVR, connect the Roku player directly to the TV.
* If feasible, try another TV or move from a computer monitor to a TV.
* Change your Roku player's display settings by going to Settings > Display type.

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