How to delete a Cash App account permanently?

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How to delete a Cash App account permanently?

Сообщение Oliviajelly » 10 май 2022, 15:21

If you are sure and determined to cancel your Cash App account, this section is for you. With the help of the below mentioned steps you can close your Cash App account permanently. These are steps to follow:

Get into the profile tab and scroll down to the end of the screen.
Now press the cash support tab and choose something else.
Search for the account setting tab and then touch it to open.
Scroll down to find the close account tab and select it.

Right here you can see the confirm tab. Press it if you are sure about deleting the account.
Before deleting permanently your account you have to verify your identity by typing your code or giving your touch id.
Note: Transfer all of your money from Cash App to bank account before closing your Cash App account. if you more information visit s our blog: = ... It 2022?